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Released Feb 14, 2015

Foster care fraud - the selling of African children in the 21st century could be appalling to many, but it is still happening in this decade. The so-called child protective service business is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. The $12 billion foster care budget is distributed amongst State employees and collateral professionals.

In the state of Minnesota, Mississippi-born Dorothy Dunning and her husband Lawrence have been battling to regain custody of their grandchildren, Princess and Dorothy, who were in the foster care system and subsequently adopted by a white family.

"My granddaughters mean the world to me and I just don't understand how a court can rule in the 'best interest of the children,' yet give them to a stranger."

Tune in to Africa Live on, on Sunday, February 15, from 11am to 1pm Eastern Time when Mr. Dorothy Dunning joins host Ron Bobb-Semple for an exclusive rebroadcast interview as she continues to cry out for help regarding the refusal of the state of Minnesota to allow her and her husband to have custody of their granddaughters.

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