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One Africa! One Nation! Build Revolutionary Organization to Protect and Defend Our Own!

Released Dec 29, 2012

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is calling on all of its members, supporters and all Africans to attend the upcoming 2013 International InPDUM Convention, scheduled for March 23-24 in St. Petersburg, Florida, the City of African Resistance.

The theme is based on the "Protect and Defend our Own" campaign that InPDUM is building that reaches out to every sector of the African population to come home under the banner of the African Revolution-from African women to the African gay, lesbian and transgender community, to students, teachers, veterans, seniors, workers, mothers of police murder victims, etc.

Right now the world is ablaze with anti-colonial resistance being waged by oppressed peoples around the world. African people ourselves must join this generalized trend of resistance against white power and U.S. imperialism, wherever we are located. InPDUM declares that all sectors of the African world must assume their true African identity and find their place and safe haven in the African Revolution and engage in such struggle.

The following is just a taste of the panels and workshops that one can expect to experience at the upcoming INPDUM Convention:

In the struggle against colonialism any act of African resistance is an act of self defense! This workshop will feature speakers who have played major roles in organized resistance against state violence and repression. Speakers will include members of the Eric Oliver campaign, organizers from the InPDUM led Black FIST-Cop Watch program in Oakland, CA and Toronto, Canada. Also representatives of the Troy Davis campaign and the Trayvon Martin campaign have been invited to participate. Topics of discussion in this workshop will include:

-The African Community has a right to self defense - Put the State on Trial! Build the Court for Black Justice ! -Build the Uhuru Black Watch - using cameras and organization to Resist police harassment/expose police frame ups

Protect and ORGANIZE the African Woman! Defend and Organize the African Community! This panel will deal with the very important question of raising up the African woman to her rightful place as equal with men in the struggle for African Liberation. Some fundamental questions that will be dealt with in this discussion will be:

-What do "women's rights" mean in a system of slavery and colonialism? -Protest anti-black laws in the public housing and welfare system -Black Woman and Man Must Unite and Fight as Equals!

Black Power Meets LGBT: Protect and Defend the African Community, Gay or Straight! This controversial, but necessary discussion will cover the question of the need for the African gay, lesbian and transgender community to join the anti-colonial struggle. Among the questions dealt with in this panel will be:

-AIDS and HIV is a Biological Weapon used by the U.S. govt! -What does "gay rights" mean in a system of slavery and colonialism? -Just 'cuz you're gay don't make us enemies! Just 'cuz you're straight don't make us friends!

The Black Community Ain't Poor. The Black Community is Being Robbed! The Struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power to the African Community This panel will feature key forces in the work being led by the African Peoples Socialist Party and Uhuru Movement to liberate the African economy. Speakers will include organizers from Black Star Industries, the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund and the All African Peoples Education and Defense Fund. The following questions will be dealt with:

-Forget food stamps!! Uncle Sam Owes Africans $5 trillion (at least) for reparations! -Black labor in historically white unions? It's time to build our OWN union! -FED grants/contracts funded by Black tax $, but don't benefit Black people! -Build the African Community Farmer's & Flea Market -Own a catering service? Join the Uhuru Jiko licensed commercial kitchen -Join the African Community Garden Cooperative: grow fresh organic produce for sell and trade out of your backyard!

If you are tired of exploitation of African people, the unemployment and underemployment, the police violence and murders committed against African people every day, you need to be at this important convention to get organized.

For more information call 510-569-9620 or email

Forward to St Petersburg, FL on March 23-24! Forward to the InPDUM Convention!

One Africa! One Nation! Build Revolutionary Organization to Protect and Defend Our Own!

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