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InPDUM President - Philly is Sierra Leone

Released Jun 29, 2013

"The People are ready to resist and to get organized," said Diop Olugbala, President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) at a community forum in Philadelphia, PA on June 27. In his opening remarks of a multi media presentation entitled, Philly is Sierra Leone, Diop, noted the problems in Sierra Leone and the African community of Philadelphia are rooted in the same colonial oppression as the school closings, police murders and prison expansion in Philadelphia, and how the solution is the same: resistance!

In Sierra Leone, he led series of InPDUM organizer's workshops which focused on bringing African Internationalism to the masses of peasants, students, and workers. InPDUM is the revolutionary mass organization of the African People' s Socialist Party. It has been charged with the task of organizing the revolutionary sector of the African population to take power and uphold the Revolutionary National Democratic Program (RNDP). This program is a response to the colonial conditions experienced by African people everywhere, and that throughout the world exist a dispersed African nation that must reunite with Africans on the continent to liberate, create, and build a socialist Africa.

The event was co-sponsored by InPDUM ( and Uhuru Solidarity Movement (

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