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Call to protest in London on Friday, May 2 against neocolonial expulsion of Congo's nationals by Congo-Brazzaville government

Released Apr 30, 2014

This is an urgent call in Lingala to join the protest supported by the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) in London against the ongoing deportation of Congo Kinshasa nationals by the Congo Brazzaville government.

Under the pretext of fighting criminality, the neocolonial government of Congo Brazzaville has launched the counterinsurgency operation coded "The slap of elders," which rounds up and brutalizes in every way African women, men and children from Congo Kinshasa before being deported.

At least 1,500 have been expelled back to Congo Kinshasa. Even married couples with children have been separated in order to expel the one being from Congo Kinshasa. People with legal papers to stay in Congo Brazzaville have been expelled too.

We consider this neocolonial violence unleashed by the Denis Sassou regime in Brazzaville to be the beginning of his electoral campaign to stay in power in the 2016 elections. What he is doing to Africans from Kinshasa is also an explicit threat to Africans who live in Brazzaville. Sassou is saying that the only electoral outcome he will accept is his remaining in power.

Over 5,000 French nationals who themselves and their country hold the primary responsibility for the looting of resources from Congo Brazzaville are untouchable as far as the neocolonial government is concerned. The Chinese who are becoming very influential with a reputation of mistreating African workers are also untouchable. In addition, the Lebanese who control many businesses, are free to live in our land, but Africans from Congo Kinshasa, with family ties, the same history, language and culture, and who are living on less than a $1 a day are targeted for colonial violence.

We are calling on all African workers and freedom-loving people to join this protest to expose neocolonial violence and to join InPDUM, an international organization which is organizing Africans from both Congos and throughout the African nation against neocolonialism.

Join the protest outside Congo Brazzaville Consulate in London

Friday, May 2, 1-5pm GMT

3rd Floor, Holborn Gate, 26 Southampton Buildings, WC2A 1PN

Tube: Chancery Lane



Smash neocolonial violence!

Abolish neocolonial borders now!

All power to the people!

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