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~!URGENT!~ “Keep DC a Chocolate City!” Event under attack! CALL IN NOW!

Everlasting Life Café has just informed the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) DC branch that they will refuse to hold its event, “Keep DC a Chocolate City, Stop DC’s War on the Black Community!”

The owner has said this last minute sabotage of the event that InPDUM DC had been
planning for over a month is due to e-mails they received stating that people will boycott Everlasting Life Café if they do.

In addition to the mass amount of work put into this event, InPDUM’s International President Diop Olugbala is flying in to DC as this is being written so he can speak at the event at Everlasting Life Café.

Our event has been promoted primarily as an event to form resistance to the gentrification that is going on in the city.

Everywhere InPDUM organizers have gone in DC, there has been support for our cause as the entire African community is feeling the effects of this attack.

So then who is opposed to the event? InPDUM knows where this attack is rooted — in the state and the reactionary white community. These are the only forces that benefit from the relationship they have with the current gentrification assault on the African community.

Everlasting Life Café has taken this stance due to the fact that they have a few white customers that eat there.

In the final analysis, this is neocolonialism; white power in black face. If Everlasting Life refuses to let us hold our event there, they have objectively taken the side against their own people.

Foolishly enough, they have taken the side against themselves with some idea that white people will let them stay around if DC becomes fully gentrified.

We are calling on you now to call and e-mail Everlasting Life Café and tell them, “Let the Uhuru
Movement hold the event, ‘Keep DC a Chocolate City, Stop DC’s War on the Black Community’ on tomorrow, Saturday, December 18.

Stand up and join the resistance against the attack of gentrification on African people!

Contact Everlasting Life by phone at 202-232-1700 or by email at

InPDUM is determined to hold its event — whether Everlasting Life recognizes its own interests or we have to hold it elsewhere! Stay tuned for more information!

Just in:

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement DC Branch's event "Keep DC a Choclate City! Stop the War on the Black Community! Rally will be held at Soul Vegetarian Cafe 2606 Georgia Avenue (near Euclid st.) right down the street from Everlasting Life Cafe. SAME TIME 12noon! This revolution will go on!

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