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St. Petersburg, Florida police brutalize another African; steal camera phones containing evidence. Video summary

InPDUM takes phones back; demands police out of the black community

Organizer's Note: Since this video and article was posted Jernorris was released from Pinellas County Jail on R&R (on his own recognizance), even though he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer! This is unheard of under normal circumstances. However, because of the political question–the organized resistance of the people–the State backed down.

Jernorris is freed! Check out this video of him speaking at InPDUM's community rally:



St. Petersburg, FL - On Friday, November 8, four police viscously attacked a young brother, Jernorris Green in Uhuru Park (aka Silver Lake Park). The only “crime” the brother committed was being African.

Members of the community (including one member of the Uhuru Movement) began to video tape the attack and the police took their phones! The police were clearly trying to hide the evidence of their brutality.

The Uhuru Movement successfully led the struggle to get the phones back. But the struggle is not over.

These types of attacks happen everyday in the African community. We must build the Uhuru Movement on every block in our community to get the power needed to force the police out of the black community. Attend the very important organizing rally on Sunday!

Get organized for black power!

Every Sunday, 4pm at Uhuru Park (aka Silver Lake Park)
With live music by Oom
For more info call 727-851-2099 or visit

Pigs attack African

INPDUM arrives on the scene

InPDUM challenges pigs' theft; demands immediate return of phones; agitates and educates the masses

Victory!! InPDUM reclaims phones!!

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