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Nigerian government's fuel price hikes deepen crisis, spark massive protests

Click below to hear Uhuru Radio interview with Ken Henshaw, coordinator of the We the People Coalition that is leading protests in Nigeria against the fuel price hikes.

On January 1, the neocolonial government of Nigeria raised the price of fuel by more than 100 percent, deepening the crisis experienced by masses of Africans there, 60 percent of whom were living on less than $1 USD per day even before this price hike.

This hike has been met by massive protests around the territory. In this interview, Uhuru Radio's Nyabinga Dzimbahwe talks with Ken Henshaw on the ground in Nigeria. Henshaw is the National Secretary General of the Nigeria-based organization United Action for Democracy and coordinator of the We the People Coalition that has as its aim the mobilization of Africans in Nigeria to resist all anti-people policies of the government. The coalition has been a leading force in protests agains the fuel price hike.

Find more information about the We the People Coalition or sign the petition at

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