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Mistrial declared again in frame-up case against Liberty City Seven!

A second mistrial in the Liberty City Seven is yet another indication of the flimsy nature of the frameup the U.S. government continues to pursue.

MIAMI, FL — On Wednesday, April 16, a second mistrial was declared after a jury was once again unable to come to a guilty verdict on the United States government’s charges against seven impoverished young African men known as the Liberty City Seven (LC7).

At the first trial’s conclusion in December 2007, which saw nine days of deliberation and repeated pressure from the judge to come to a verdict, the jury decided that it could not convict any of the LC7 in the case and issued a not guilty verdict for one of them, Lyglenson Lemorin. Lemorin has subsequently been held captive in an immigration detention center in Atlanta, GA by a U.S. government determined to criminalize these African men.

The second trial had a similar outcome, despite an intensified effort by the U.S. government to try and shape popular opinion around the case. During the second trial, local and federal government agents covered the streets of Miami with “anti-domestic terrorism” propaganda — clearly targeting the case of the Liberty City Seven.

The case of the Liberty City Seven began when seven young Africans — Narseal Batiste, Patrick Abraham, Rotschild Augustine, Burson Augustine, Stanley Grant Phanor, Naudimar Herrera and Lyglenson Lemorin — were kidnapped and imprisoned by FBI agents in June 2006. The government framed them, called them terrorists and charged them with sedition (conspiracy to overthrow the government).

U.S. government plan to give terrorism black face continues to be exposed

While ruling class publications such as the Los Angeles Times attribute the second mistrial to a “flawed legal strategy”, stating that “it highlights the obstacles in a legal strategy of arresting terrorism suspects before they strike”, it is being made clear through this trial to the African community that the U.S. government is a criminal entity that will stop at nothing to lock up these young brothers and the African community in general.

The African community knows this case was manufactured. Even during the LC7’s first trial, it was revealed that the FBI sent two agent provocateurs into their midst to create a situation that would give reason to arrest them, much like the FBI did in the 1960s to Black Power organizations. In this case, the purpose was to be able to give terrorism a black face.

Resistance to parasitic U.S. and European imperialism is growing around the world. The U.S. government recognized that the African working class is the most consistently revolutionary sector within U.S. borders and needed to turn the so-called “war on terror” against the African community.

So the FBI provocateurs offered the LC7 $50,000 and gave them at least $4,500 over time to lure them into the government trap. Notwithstanding the courts withholding of important evidence that would destroy the credibility of the FBI provocateurs, some jury members apparently saw through the clearly manufactured case and could not render a guilty verdict.

More importantly, the repeated mistrial serves as evidence of a deep and profound crisis that U.S. imperialism is suffering around the world — and within its own belly.

This crisis has at its basis that imminent death of a social system built on sucking the blood of everyone and everything around it. It is a social system born out of the enslavement of African people and the genocide of the indigenous people of North and South America and the subsequent theft of their land.

Now, this system, which requires the world to believe that it is just and permanent for its continued existence, is increasingly being exposed as both unjust and capable of being defeated.

Oppressed people everywhere are striking mighty blows to U.S. imperialism. Whether it is the heroic Iraqi people and their righteous fight for possession of their own land and resources or whether it is the progressive government of Venezuela under Hugo Chavez reclaiming Venezuela’s resources for the use of the Venezuelan people and other poor and oppressed nations — the U.S. is finding it impossible to succeed in overturning this trend towards national liberation and self-determination.

This is the significance of the successive mistrials of the Liberty City Seven! The State cannot even succeed in crushing the domestic African colony within its own belly. The fact is that the LC7 is guilty only of struggling to improve the conditions in their poor and oppressed community of Liberty City, Miami and of wanting to inspire other Africans to do the same.

Moreover, the case is revealing the fact that the real terrorist is the U.S. government itself. It is the U.S. government that is responsible for the horrific conditions that African and other oppressed peoples are forced to endure in this country every day.

Whether it is the government-orchestrated subprime mortgage assault which has rendered hundreds of thousands of Africans homeless in the U.S., or the driving of grain and other prices up to maintain the white lifestyle at the expense of a starving world population — the U.S. government is truly a terroristic force that must be stopped and brought to justice.

Even now, the U.S. government is stating that it will attempt even again to take the Liberty City Seven case back to trial, notwithstanding the clear ridiculousness of the State’s case.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is an African working class-led grassroots organization that has been an active participant and leading force in the struggle to free the Liberty City Seven. We call on the entire African community and all lovers of freedom and justice to stand with the LC7 and demand that the U.S. government free these brothers.

All Power to the People! Black Power to the African Community!

Free the Liberty City!

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