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Judge Sonia Sotomayor: No Change for African, Latino, and Arab Peoples

A New Face of The Colonialist State

On Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama announced his nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor’s proposed appointment to the Supreme Court continues the anti-African, anti-Arab, Anti-Latino, pro–business and pro-Zionist choices of the Obama administration.

Responding to Obama’s statement that he looked for compassion toward ordinary people, many Democrats and liberals have said they expect Sotomayor to bring a “compassionate approach” to oppressed peoples. This hope rests in her upbringing as a Puerto Rican woman in New York housing projects. Playing up her early history, and her alleged “compassion” towards “ordinary people,” Obama is using the political tool perfected in his own campaign: using identity politics to cover over his strong corporate connections and sponsorship.

District Attorney, lawyer for imperialist international corporations

After graduating from Yale, Sotomayor worked as a District Attorney in Manhattan, New York, serving the state in prosecuting African and oppressed people in New York. She followed this up as a corporate lawyer serving the interests of global companies against workers and oppressed people.

Having proven herself loyal to companies by defending them against liability claims, it is not surprising then that Republican President George HW Bush would choose her to serve in Southern Manhattan’s Federal District Court. Her 1998 appointment to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals by U.S. President William Clinton, was confirmed in a largely Republican Senate in a 67 to 29 vote!

Supports warrantless searches and “War on Terror”

Perhaps most significantly, in this role she actively embraced Bush’s domestic “War on Terror” ruling in favor of the searches of New York ferry passenger without warrants. Currently, Sotomayor’s appointment is hailed in the Israeli press for her strong and continuing support for Israel, her visits to that country, and her support of Zionist Jewish organizations in the United States.

Therefore, we can expect her to uphold the invasion of our communities, our churches and our mosques by agent provocateurs and the illegal imprisonment of our people under the Patriot Act.

Regardless of where she comes down on issues such as abortion and gay marriage, the situation of colonized and oppressed peoples inside the US will not change.

What we can expect of her then is a continuation of the war on African, Latino and Arab peoples.

What we can expect is the continued escalation of attacks on our movement for the foreseeable future such as the framing and conviction of International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement leader, Ajamu Bandele, aka Orlando Gibson who has been held captive in York County Prison since his arrest on October 29, 2008.

Only a movement for democracy and self-determination led by the African working class can win meaningful and lasting change against white power and the colonialist state!

Free the Liberty City 5, Imam Yassin Aref, the Newburgh 4! Free Ajamu and all African Prisoners in held U.S. Prisons!

Build the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement!

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