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Imperialists are the real Kindoki (Witchcraft)

On March 5, 2012, the English imperialist court condemned Mr. Eric Bikubi and his partner, Magelai Bamu, to 55 years between them for killing Kristy Bamu, whilst in the process of attempting to end his "Kindoki" (evil spirit).
We do not condone their actions but we must understand the context in which this act took place.
Any form of horizontal violence, or the act of Africans killing other Africans, is deflected anger coming from the violence we experience everyday that is imposed on us by the state above.
The colonial education system failing our children is violence, our children dying from preventable and curable diseases because we are too poor to buy medicine, our resources being looted and forcing us to escape Africa and face colonial immigration policies in Europe, the UK, the U.S. and other imperialist countries, are all forms of violence we experience.
This violence shapes our worldview, our attitude towards each other, as well as our mental health.
The family came from Central Africa, a place where Europeans kidnapped one in three Africans into slavery, a place where Belgium King Leopold II occupied and killed 12 million Africans thru starvation, slave labor and war.
This is the same place where there has been no peace since the 1960’s.
A place where we resisted one imperialist backed war after another, from Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa through to Uganda and Rwanda.
The combined total loss of African lives is over 30 million and counting.
The response from the British police, along with the imperialist media, was to attach the violence with being African and serve as evidence of our supposed inferior character.
Yet, historically, accusing people of witchcraft and burning them to death was a common practice in Europe 300 years ago.
This witch-hunt did not stop, but changed as Europe became rich from our stolen labor and resources. The violence transformed, it became a witch-hunt against oppressed people.
The birth of the bourgeois white European nation ushered in a new ideology of ‘white nationalism’ exemplified by Hitler’s Nazis party.
These white nationalist groups, such as KKK, National Front, English Defense League, British National party and Combat 18, carry out state policy when they attack Africans or other oppressed people.
Imperialist countries were able to afford equipment and build universities which produced the knowledge to solve most of Europe’s major problems, creating vaccines, medicines and sanitation systems. As a colonized people, we have to organize to use our own best brains to solve our problems.
Our best brains are currently serving imperialism.
No justice from imperialists
British imperialist courts have no legitimacy to judge our people.
For over 500 years, Africans have suffered under the hands of the UK, France, USA and other imperialist countries.
Most of the killers of Stephen Lawrence are still free; the police who gunned down Mark Duggan are still free, as though the life of Mark Duggan means nothing.
The death of Kristy should be a harsh reminder that we are still a colonized people, with no control over our community, our continent or our ability to direct our knowledge resources to solve our own problems.
If we were a free people we would be able to judge all those who have committed injustices against our people.
The death of Kristy should be a rallying call to organize to take back our Africa to build a future free from imperialist violence.
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