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Ferguson update! Fill the streets the day after the verdict!

Black is Back marching on the White House on Nov 1. Also called to filled the streets the day after Ferguson verdict
If We Don’t Get It…Shut It Down!
Ferguson, MO-  As the people of Ferguson/St Louis area and around the world await the grand jury decision regarding an indictment of cop Darren Wilson who assassinated Mike Brown, people are organizing en masse for which- ever way the verdict reads.
 After Mike’s body laid in the streets on August 9th  for 4 and a half hours, the people rose up and have continued demonstrating, protesting , and organizing for more than 90 days now at the time of this writing.
Mike Brown’s killer has been on a paid vacation and raised to hero status among the anti-African population in Ferguson and throughout the U.S.
If history is an indicator, then it is a foregone conclusion that white cop Darren Wilson will not be indicted for murder by the colonial government of Ferguson for the murder of Mike Brown.
The state’s police are doing just what they have been hired and trained to do…stalk, molest, and murder Africans to keep us terrorized for their continued economic and political advantage. Enough is enough, because
Black Is Back!
Parents of Mike Brown to speak at United Nations
The ‘no indictment’ verdict, which has supposedly been leaked to the media and to the public, is due to be announced after November 10.
On Monday afternoon, November 10, Lesley Mc Spadden and Michael Brown Sr., the parents of Michael Brown, were headed to Switzerland to speak at the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva on Nov. 12 and 13.
The two are scheduled to join a delegation that will expose the horrific crimes against Africans carried out with ruthless force by the police.
Grand jury leaks
As leaks regarding testimony and evidence continue to remarkably escape the confines of the “secret” grand jury, it is clear that mis-information is deliberately leaked to the public in order to manufacture a specific response.
Since August 20, the grand jury has supposedly been hearing evidence regarding how Mike died.
But the people on Canfield Street have already provided more than enough evidence, along with Mike Brown’s body, to show that Darren Wilson had committed murder in the first degree.
At least 5 witnesses have basically stated that Mike was not attacking the cop when he was gunned downed.
Since we still live under Jim Crow colonialism in 2014, the witnesses’ testimonies are insubstantial in comparison to Wilson.
Since the murder of Mike Brown August 9, police have spent more than $100,000 stocking up on body armor, tear gas, handcuffs and other crowd control items in preparation for people rising up for justice and against police attacks.
Since the murder of Mike Brown, more Africans have been murdered just miles from where Mike laid dead in the streets. So we must organize and not accept these attacks on our freedom.
As Africans we know if the police beat or kill one of us, there are those who will find some way to blame the unarmed victim.
Even when such police attacks are caught on camera, as with Rodney King or Eric Gardner, we are told to not believe our ‘lying eyes’.
How many more deaths at the hands of police will we tolerate before we decide to protect our communities and fight back?!
We must resist the police terror and fight for power. We must organize in order to gain liberation.
At the 5th annual Black Is Back Coalition rally held Nov. 1, 2014 in Washington, D.C., Larry Hamm of People’s Organization for Progress and the Black Is Back Coalition made the call for us to organize for the day after the verdict.
On the day after…. we should fill the streets! Don’t sit at home and shake your head and complain. The day after… Fill the streets!
Fill the streets for justice, fill the streets to end police terror in our communities, fill the streets to protect our families.
Fill the streets for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ta’Von Grayson, Trayvon Martin, Karvas Gamble, Jordan Davis, Ezell Ford, and Nathaniel Lee, and Tyrone Lewis, and the many others who have been killed at the hands of killer cops. 
Whatever you do…Wherever you are…The day after the verdict….
Fill the Streets and let our people know that Black Is Back!

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