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Chicago celebrates African Martyr's Day 2015


CHICAGO—On Feb 21, 2015, The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), held the Day of the African Martyr and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. 

People came together to honor our martyred leaders in our struggle for self-determination and freedom for African people all over the world.

The lives of our loved ones murdered by police were also celebrated as martyrs, as well as Africans killed by other Africans. We are dying as a consequence of colonialism.

The demand was raised for Black Community Control of the Police by William Lockett of InPDUM, who read directly from The Burning Spear newspaper.

Black Community Control of the Police is a demand that we must make to help the people understand that we will never know real freedom as a people until we have defeated the oppressive colonial State power and replaced it with black people’s State power in the hands of the African working class.

Zenobia Spencer of InPDUM explained how celebrating our martyrs helps us to identify the real enemy of our people and bring our community together.


Chairman Fred Hampton worked to unite the street tribes ("gangs") in order to face the real enemy and work on our liberation.
A special appearance was made by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. of Prisoners Of Conscience Committee (POCC/BPPC).
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. summed up colonial violence and the "organized chaos" imposed on African people, and the need to build on points of unity within the community, so that any contradictions are not antagonistic contradictions.
Shaka Barak, President of the Marcus Garvey Institute, gave an important overview of the life and contributions of Marcus Garvey to African people throughout the world.
Korvel "Rico Nation" spoke on horizontal violence and offered solutions for communicating with our people on the need for our liberation.
This was a memorable occasion, also featuring outstanding music, poetry and video.
Get involved in the African Martyr’s Day organizing committee!
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