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Canadian government detains and bans InPDUM’s President for 10 years!

"We want the right to international political and economic association with Africans and all other peoples anywhere on the face of the earth." part 4 of the working platform of the African People's Socialist Party

Toronto, Canada - On Wednesday, November 24, organizers of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) in Toronto were preparing for the arrival of InPDUM President Diop Olugbala.

His arrival in Toronto was in anticipation of an event where he was to speak to rally support for InPDUM's upcoming National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

These plans, however, were disrupted when the Canadian government detained and then denied Diop entry to the country.

When President Diop arrived at customs at the Canada/US border, he was stopped and asked if he had a criminal record.

He said yes, referring to the August 24 conviction stemming from charges of aggravated assault on police during a Philadelphia City Council Meeting in 2009.

In actuality, it was cops who attacked President Diop during that meeting as he led a protest against Philadelphia’s billion-dollar budget for police and prisons.

Upon his response, Canadian immigration police took President Diop to the back of their office for an “interview” that they claimed was designed to enable them to make a determination on whether or not to let him through the border.

What they called an interview, however, was really an interrogation on his political associations, and it was clear that the State decided not to let him in the country as soon as their computer revealed who he was.

Knowing this, Diop had refused to answer any questions for the State.

Clearly shaken by his defiance, the Canadian immigration police then informed Diop that he was banned from Canada for the next 10 years!

He was then forced into a taxicab and taken back to the US border.

It was the State’s intention to send Diop back to Philadelphia where he is currently serving a 2-year probationary sentence for the trumped up assault charges and faces the constant threat of imprisonment should he be arrested for engaging in the same righteous resistance that led to his arrest during the City Council Meeting in 2009.

By denying Diop entry to Canada, the government thought it had prevented the spread of revolutionary resistance into the poor and oppressed African community of Toronto.

Despite this attempt, Diop was still able to speak to a packed house at the University City Recreation Centre through a live Internet broadcast (to watch presentation click here:

Off his presentation, several people joined the Toronto InPDUM Convention Organizing Committee and made a commitment to attend the Convention.

InPDUM is clear that Diop was denied entry into Canada for the same reason that the State of Pennsylvania placed him on a list of “terrorists” and why the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring his and InPDUM’s activities recently.

President Diop and the InPDUM that he leads are targets of the imperialist counterinsurgency. This is an attack on the entire African Liberation Movement.

What the State calls his “criminal” background is in reality his credentials as an African patriot and freedom fighter.

InPDUM is calling on African and oppressed people worldwide to push back the US-led counterinsurgency against our movements for self-determination.

This is a call to attend InPDUM’s upcoming National Convention.

The Convention, which is to be held on Feb 19-21, will serve to unite African resistance throughout the US and Canada under one strategy and one organization.

Go to and register today!

Defend President Diop at all costs!

Forward to the InPDUM National Convention!

Africans Have a Right to Resist!

We demand freedom and reparations now!

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