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Call to the INPDUM 2015 Convention - Sept. 26-27 Chicago

CHICAGO--On September 26 and 27, 2015 African people from throughout the world will gather at 6855 S. Emerald Ave, Chicago, IL to convene the 24th Annual Convention of The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).
InPDUM was founded in Chicago in 1991 as a part of a revolutionary strategy of the African People’s Socialist Party.
The mission of InPDUM is to defend the national democratic rights of the African community and defeat the U.S. counterinsurgency war against African people.
InPDUM’s Convention is happening as imperialist white power is in severe economic
crisis. Around the world, there is great turmoil as colonized people engage in pitched battles with their oppressors to throw off their shackles and Africans are no exception.
From Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Africans are resisting the terror and attacks from the U.S. State and general white population who many times act as extensions of the state.
There are daily demonstrations and protest throughout cities in the U.S. around police murders of young Africans.
While protest is useful, InPDUM asks the question: "Towards what end?"
InPDUM’s convention will organize Africans for Black Self-determination – Black Power over Black Lives!
There will be organizing and training Workshops around key questions impacting on our community:
  • Mass Incarceration of Africans
  • Black Community Control of the Police
  • Tactical and Strategic Training for Organizing for Black Self-Determination!
The Keynote Speaker: Internationally known revolutionary and founder of InPDUM, Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party.
African Students, workers, women, SGL and those interested in breaking the brutal shackles of colonialism and building a new world are called to attend the InPDUM Convention to organize for Black Power over Black Lives.
Self-determination is the Highest Expression of Democracy!


For more information, visit:
Volunteeers needed: Contact 773.717.2492
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