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Blade Runner is set to beat Justice in White Nationalist South Africa

The criminal justice system in Occupied Azania (South Africa) is still an apartheid operation. The recent cases of torture and murder of Africans that have made international headlines establish this fact.
On March 1, 2013, online news sources reported that a Mozambican taxi driver, who allegedly parked his vehicle in the wrong place, was tortured and murdered by South African police.
Video evidence is circulating across the internet of a South African police unit in Daveyton township tying a Mozambican, Mido Naia, to the back of a police van and dragging him for around 400 meters along a tarred road.
Mido was taken to a police station where beatings continued. He was found dead two hours later.
A post-mortem report gave the cause of death as head injuries with internal bleeding.
The police justified his arrest on the grounds that he had tried to seize a weapon from one of the policemen and they claim that it took “a struggle” to force him into the police van.
The online video shows no sign of him grabbing for the gun or using any kind of violence against the police.
The video does show the police tying Mido to the back of the van and then driving away, dragging their prisoner along the road.
That’s how the criminal justice system in Occupied Azania treats African people.
Contrast this with how the justice system in Occupied Azania treats white people:
In the early hours of Valentine's Day, Oscar Pistorius, a white South African Olympic gold medalist and double amputee, fired four shots through a locked bathroom door and killed the woman concealed behind it.
Pistorius claims he thought he was shooting an intruder, but the police have charged him with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, the model Reeva Steenkamp.
The case dominated news around the world. A Canadian broadcaster even called it the biggest story from South Africa since the release of Nelson Mandela.
Pistorius was brought before the court, released on bail and his trial has already been set for June of this year.

Glaring contradictions
Forget innocent until proven guilty. Forget due process. Forget the right to speak to a lawyer or your right to request bail. Forget the entire court process, because there is a good possibility that if you are African and you are charged with a crime you may not even make it to the police station.
Bourgeois ideology may try to explain away these kinds of contradictions by suggesting that the problem in South Africa and the rest of the world is “racism” and that we should all join together to fight racism.
We say that African people live under the colonial oppression of white power. Therefore, our very lives are in the hands of the forces who wield such power — whether it is the police and other apparatuses of the colonial state, or members of the oppressor white population.
We consistently point out the economic basis of white nationalist colonial violence against Africans so as to further expose the fact that racism is not the issue.
We say that the issue is that African people worldwide have been separated from our resources by a colonizing power.
This theft of our resources was and is only possible through violence that comes down from the State itself.
IZWE LETHU I AFRICA! (The Land Is Ours!)

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