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Black is Back is here to stay!

January 23-24 national conference to consolidate movement
The Black is Black mobilization challenged the Obama regime's wars against oppressed peoples both inside U.S. borders and around the world.
After holding on November 7 the first national peace mobilization in Washington, D. C. since the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president, the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is holding its consolidation conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Black suffering continues

The election of Barack Obama as U.S. president has not ended the suffering of our people or U.S. injustices around the world. While the U.S. Congress has given Wall Street and the auto industry trillions of dollars, the same Congress refuses to repair the legacy of slavery for descendants of enslaved Africans or prevent ethnic cleansing of black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Massive home losses due to criminal banking practices attest to the ongoing theft of billions of dollars of black community wealth. Every day, our people suffer police brutality and murder, unjust imprisonment, depression-level unemployment, slave labor in prison and disenfranchisement.

People who dedicated their lives to our freedom during the 1960s still rot in U.S. prisons. U.S. wars have been expanded beyond the African community in the U.S. to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now threaten Venezuela.

Coalition to show way forward

In addition to adopting a structure and electing leaders, the agenda will include discussions on reparations, black mass incarceration and political prisoners, plans for community actions, climate change, ongoing oppression of black people in Haiti and the way forward for the black anti-imperialist movement in the U.S.

The conference is free, however as requirement participants must show unity with the Black is Back Call and with the list of demands.

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Among Others, Conference Participants Will Include:

Glen Ford Black Agenda Report

Alex Morley Black Food

Chioma Oruh ASI North America

Efia Nwangaza Malcolm X Center For Self-Determination

Yaa Asantewaa Ohema NCOBRA

Chimurenga Waller InPDUM

Lawerence Hamm People's Organization for Progress

Charles Barron NYC Councilmember

Omali Yeshitela African People’s Socialist Party

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