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Black is Back Coalition annual conference set for Philadelphia August 16 and 17: Resist U.S. wars and occupation in the U.S. and abroad! Reparations Now!

Black is Back Coalition's march on Washington, D.C.
Today the world is engaged in a massive jailbreak, struggling to end the more than 500-year-old white power stranglehold that has brought untold wealth and power to Europe and the U.S. through enslaving and colonizing the rest of us.
Throughout the Middle East – in Syria, Iran, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and in Tunisia and Egypt in North Africa, the people are engaging the white-created and enforced status quo of poverty and oppression in a relentless struggle to evict white power and all its local, indigenous agents from our lives.
Similarly, the people of South America, still influenced by the examples of Cuba and Venezuela, are beating back efforts by the U.S. to reacquire hegemony over their lives, resources and sovereignty.
U.S. killer drones that engage in indiscriminate assassinations in the Middle East and North Africa are of little use in the dangerous contest the U.S. is engaged in with Chinese and Russian powers that are forcing their way into strategic economic and geopolitical arenas previously subservient to Europe and the U.S.
The world of slavery and colonialism is shuddering under the onslaught of the wretched of the Earth. We are determined to overthrow our jailers and the brutal prison of imperialism that has enthroned them at our expense.
We are rising up globally! This is why the white imperialist ruling class opted to disguise U.S. white power with the black face of Barack Hussein Obama. It is a failed attempt to confuse the masses of the world by giving the slave master the face of the slave! It is an attempt to give the prison warden the face of the prisoner.
But it will not work. We are tired of the conditions imposed on our people by a bloody and arrogant white power world social system that can only survive by continuing our humiliating oppression and cruel exploitation – by stealing the bread from our children’s mouths, the milk from their mothers’ breasts and the promise of a better, secure future as free people.
The U.S., France and China are maneuvering to maintain control of Africa, sometimes unleashing proxy wars using black faces to murder black faces to protect the system of white power. This has happened in Mali, Central African Republic and Ivory Coast, to name a few examples.
Chaos and violence is the order of the day throughout the African world – from Libya, Somalia, Nigeria and Kenya among others, on the African Continent, to Haiti, Colombia and Venezuela in the Caribbean and South America, and Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston, Texas in the U.S.
Africans are catching hell in Europe as the European imperialists are attempting to control the growing internal colony of Africans and others that is a natural outgrowth of the colonial terror and exploitation that have impoverished and brutalized our people in our homeland.
But, we are winning. This is the meaning of the unending terrorist wars white power is unleashing against us globally. They are terrified by the clear shift in the balance of power that increasingly favors the “niggers” of the world whose labor and flesh have provided sustenance and success for white power for the last several centuries.
Join the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations to analyze and organize to join in with the worldwide, massive prison break that promises to destroy oppression and empower our people for this critical stage of our struggle.
Forward to Philadelphia for the August 16-17 International Black is Back Annual Conference!
**To register for August 16-17 conference go to**

Watch Chairman Omali Yeshtitela speak at a previous Black is Back Coalition march

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