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Attend Bakari's pre-trial hearing this Friday, October 26

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) continues to wage the struggle to free Bakari Olatunji as we advance towards his pre-trial hearing on Friday, Oct 26, 2012.
Bakari Olatunji, aka Rickey Clay, is a 20-plus year veteran of the Uhuru Movement.
He was arrested by Oakland Police on Friday, May 4 as we attempted to serve the people's subpoena to police chief Jordan.
Bakari is facing the charges of California Penal Code 69PC, commonly known as "resisting an executive officer" and California Penal Code 148A-1, which is the act of "resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.”
According to the California constitution, Bakari faces probation with 24/7 possible search and supervision, should he be convicted.
This sentence would mean that the police can stop and search Bakari anytime they want to, for the duration of his probation—not a situation unlike the reality that African men face in such cities as Philadelphia, New York and Oakland under such programs as stop and frisk and the anti-gang injunction.
InPDUM and other witnesses have in our possession video footage that clearly shows that Bakari didnt come close to doing what they said he did.
We also know that the OPD has such a video in their possession, although up until now they have tried to prevent it from being admitted into this legal process.
The Free Bakari Committee filed a motion for discovery on June 13 to force the OPD to turn over their video footage of the arrest.
They did not turn it over. We then filed a motion to compel, which would again force the OPD to turn over the video.
The motion was granted on June 25. Judge Yolanda Northridge gave the pigs until August 8 to turn the video over. Again, the police ignored this "ruling."
At the same time, Northridge and the Oakland courts have allowed the police to keep possession of this evidence, which clearly shows Bakari's innocence.
This contradiction is the basis for Bakari's upcoming October 26 pre-trial hearing.
We are done asking for the video to be released.
InPDUM will come with our own video and a courtroom of supporters to let the district attorney and the judge know that it is in their best interests to drop the charges.
We are calling on all Africans, our friends and allies, to support the struggle to free Bakari by attending Bakari's pre-trial hearing this Friday, October 26 at 9AM at the Wiley Manual Courthouse (6th and Washington St), Department 107.
It is very important that we get as many people as possible to fill the courtroom.
At this hearing, it will be decided whether or not Bakari’s case will go to trial.
The more people present, the more pressure the state will feel to release Bakari!
Should the State choose not to drop the charges, Bakari's case will go to trial on November 26.
Regardless, InPDUM will hold another Court for Black Justice on Saturday, November 24 where we will once again put the OPD on trial for crimes of colonial genocide against the African community!
For more info about joining the campaign to Free Bakari or joining InPDUM, call 510-569-9620.
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