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APSP Bahamas calls for end to British political domination of Bahamas!


March 7, 2012 — While the African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas is not opposed to the visit of prince Harry or that of any other representative of Great Britain to The Bahamas, we insist that The Bahamas’ bi-lateral relations with Great Britain be carried out as one between two completely independent nations instead of one that functions as a “parent-child” relationship.


The African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas recognizes the historical fact that British imperialism, with prince Harry as its newest face, was the process by which millions of Africans were enslaved and the African continent itself divided and exploited in the interests of the British Empire and all of Europe. This imperialism also includes the domination by Great Britain of millions of non-white people.


The African People’s Socialist Party-Bahamas also recognizes that in the 21st century, Great Britain under the leadership of the United States, continues to dominate and exploit millions of African and non-white people around the world.


In view of this, we demand an immediate end to The Bahamas’ membership in the Commonwealth of Nations and Commonwealth realm. By ending membership in these bodies and instituting the required constitutional reforms, the queen of England will no longer be recognized as Head of State of The Bahamas — an act that is part of the process of overturning the neocolonial relationship that is maintained with Great Britain.


We also call for an immediate end to the role of the Governor-General in The Bahamas — a person who functions as the queen’s official representative here.


This state of affairs should not be allowed to continue for a nation that claims to be independent. No authority should be granted to the queen of England, or any of her representatives here in The Bahamas, regarding our internal or external affairs.


To this end, we demand the immediate social, economic and political independence of The Bahamas where control of our affairs — both internal and external — rest entirely in the hands of the people of The Bahamas.


As we deem it necessary for those in The Bahamas to end Great Britain’s neocolonial domination of this nation, we also deem it necessary for Africans in The Bahamas to work tirelessly for the revolutionary unification of the African nation, of which Africans throughout the Americas are an essential part. This is truly the only way to secure a future for Africans everywhere.


We also call for reparations from the British ruling class, of which the queen of England and prince Harry belong. Great Britain and all of Europe and North America owe a huge debt to Africa and African people for their very existence and development. Therefore, the demand for reparations is a proper response to the exploitation of Africa and African people worldwide.

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