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APSP plenary electrifies Africans!

APSP Plenary attendees Keino James and Jayy Davis

Akwaaba Yall! Did you turn up this New Years? I know I sure did lol!

The Uhuru House was booming with action during the weekend of January 9, 2016, as Africans from all over the world came to this little town of St. Petersburg, Florida to attend the 2016 African People's Socialist Party Plenary!

It was action packed from beginning to end. The events were so bombastic that it set the internet on fire! All the social media sites and apps were talking about the 2016 APSP Plenary.

The live stream on was jam-packed with viewers and all of the videos and pictures that we posted on social media went viral!

We had amazing speeches by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Herdosia Bentum, Dr. Aisha Fields, Luwezi Kinshasa and, of course, myself, Gazi Kodzo!

The food was tasty, seasoned and vibrant! Y'all already know we did not have no white woman in the kitchen! That food would have been bland and dry. The meals we had were full of flavor and the chicken was tender.

Well enough about the food, lol. I interviewed some of the attendees at the event to find out their views on the Plenary. Here are some of the responses I got:

Jayy Davis, 17-years-old; St. Petersburg, Florida:

"The Plenary was a very exciting event. I loved to see all my people united. It was very informative about our Movement and contradictions. Not to mention everything the Chairman said was so powerful. Everything was very exciting and well put together."

Mawuli Oteka, 24-years-old; New York City:

"Upon arrival, I had already been in full agreement with APSP theories. Going to the Plenary helped me connect with other Africans who are now my Comrades. The Plenary allowed me to move from conscious to revolutionary because now I'm organizing with other Africans. It gave me the chance to ask questions in a safe space and provided me with the material I needed to be an active APSP party member."

Brenda Angomar, 23-years-old; Haiti:

"The African People's Socialist Party's 2016 Plenary was an event that I will never forget in my life. I knew that I would learn a lot about the party and the work that is being done, but I would've never imagined that I would've been so positively impacted.

"It was so refreshing to be in a room filled with people who are passionate about Africans worldwide and our struggles and actively fighting to rid this world of colonialism, imperialism and systematic oppression and racism.

"It also left me with the need to educate myself on what Africans are faced with worldwide, instead of just the U.S. and Haiti. The Plenary helped me understand what it truly means to be an African Internationalist.

Kabaka Kimber, 28-years-old; Baltimore:

"This year's African People's Socialist Party Plenary was nothing like I've experienced before. Chairman Omali Yeshitela reawakened a fire within me when he spoke about the liberation we deserve and the science to make it a reality.

"I will return back home to my community with a new sense of responsibility to my African peers."

Keino James, 24-years-old; Long Island, New York:

"Living in a metropolitan city like New York can make you feel lonely in a crowd of people. Being at the APSP 2016 Plenary has opened my eyes and my mind to the fact that there is a nationwide and international network of support. I now feel well equipped to do the work that will have an impact on education and organizing our African People."

Darnell Moore, 24-years-old; St. Petersburg, Florida:

"I just sat and watched in awe all the work the APSP does for myself, my family and all African people. I usually just do security, but the Plenary has inspired me to do even more. The Plenary motivated me to learn more, so I bought three of Chairman's books. I plan on becoming more involved this year and seeing what I can do to best help my people."

Unique D'vine, 30-years-old; Tampa, Florida:

"Before the APSP Plenary, I knew I had a lot of ideas and desire to make the world a better place, especially for African people, but I didn't know how I could do that as one single person with so many responsibilities and limited resources.

"After the last day of the Plenary, I had such a renewed sense of passion because I realized that I wasn't alone. The APSP Plenary made it abundantly clear to me that there was an entire organization of people that were ready and willing to listen to my ideas and support me in implementing them for the betterment of African people."

These are just a few of the countless positive feedback I have been receiving from African Comrades!

My thoughts on the Plenary

I never thought that my love and respect for Chairman Omali Yeshitela could ever be deeper than it previously was. Going to that Plenary, however, has brought me to such a place where I know without a doubt in my mind that the African People's Socialist Party is the future for Africa and African people.

African Internationalism is the only philosophy on this planet that will tear Africa and Africans worldwide away from the claws of imperialism and white power. I will end this month's article with a piece from my speech I gave at the Plenary:

"This year we have seen Africans do some crazy things to be free. We have seen Africans chasing flags to be free. We have seen Africans chasing the gay agenda to be free. We have Africans chasing Egypt to be free.

"We have seen Africans chasing white Jesus to be free. We have seen Africans chasing democrat politicians to be free. We have seen Africans chasing Dashikis to be free. We have seen Africans chasing college degrees to be free.

"We have seen Africans chasing voodoo to be free. We have seen Africans chasing justice to be free. We have seen Africans chasing inclusion to be free.

"Chairman Omali Yeshitela said, "the hell with all that chasing! Stand FIRM and fight for Africa!"

"Build for Africa! Work for Africa! Think for Africa! Revolution for Africa! Then Africa will gladly give you FREEDOM!"

IzWe Lethu, I Afrika! Africa is Our Land!

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