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ALD changes venue in the face of sabotage!

Despite attempts to sabotage it, the African Liberation Day event on May 21 will be a historic one. It will, however, be held at a new location, Roots Public Charter School, instead of the 12th Street Church.

Tune in to the LIVE broadcast on, Saturday, May 21 from 9am-5:30pm U.S. Eastern.

This change in location has come after the church leadership abruptly told organizers that it would break a legal contract and not allow the event to be held there.

According to the church’s pastor, some patriotic members of his congregation opposed holding the event there because of its theme, “From African to the U.S. — Liberation through Resistance! Stop the U.S. Wars on Africa!”

It is not clear whether the issue is the church’s opposition to the question of liberation of African people or if the church unites with brutal U.S. imperialist wars on Africa. However, this will not stop the thrust for freedom for African people any more than U.S. assaults on Africans and other oppressed peoples can stop the growing resistance that challenges its ability to steal resources around the world.

This ALD, voted on and called for by Africans at the Black is Back Conference on the Other Wars, will happen simultaneously with ALD events in London, England and Nassau, Bahamas.

It will not be stopped. African people must be free. African Liberation Day shall proceed.

Meet us on May 21 at the new location for African Liberation Day, Toots Public Charter School at 10:00am as we take another step into a liberated future!

Forward to the Liberation of Africa and African People!

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