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Why Is Black Power Scary?

audioWhy Is Black Power Scary?

Host Jevon Gee & Mona examine why black power is so scary to Africans & north americans. Full Story
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Newark buzzing about large upcoming march against police brutality

Ethiopians resist Jewish settler State violence

Russian group speaks out on Baltimore

videoColonial Occupation of Ferguson

Black August honors George Jackson

ANC repression can't stop workers' fight for a united, liberated, socialist Africa!

South African mass shooting: A response to African workers' growing independence

Support the African workers' struggle in Guyana! Build the ASI

First-time participant in march and political struggle speaks out on Weekend of Resistance!

The people are victorious! Oakland police drop charges! Bakari Olatunji freed! Forward to the Oakland Freedom Summer Project!

We are Patrice Lumumba! The struggle to reclaim Congo's resources and destiny

Resistance in the Congo continues

InPDUM London message and invitation to student protestors

U.S.-led NATO war on Libya is futile Africa recolonization effort

"Occupy Wall Street" is a crisis for the ruling class. Deepen the crisis!

audioRamona Africa

Message from Colonel Mu'ummar Qaddafi

People’s struggle raising its head in Burkina Faso

Black Is Back Coalition to hold March 26 Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars

Workers in the Bahamas openly challenge government leadership!

The fall of Mubarak leaves U.S. control over the region shaky

Police in Oakland arrest 200 in protest for Justice for Oscar Grant

The Mighty Sparrow honored in Toronto

Uhuru Call to Action

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