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Why Is Black Power Scary?

audioWhy Is Black Power Scary?

Host Jevon Gee & Mona examine why black power is so scary to Africans & north americans. Full Story
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AAPDEP working hard to build Zenzele Consignment: Opening pushed back to March 2016


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The truth behind the poverty statistics

Diop Olugbala For Mayor 2011

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Message from Colonel Mu'ummar Qaddafi

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The legacy of the Bandung Conference

¡Obrero, ponte de pie y lucha!

Workers, stand up and struggle!

Special Edition Burning Spear soon in hand

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Black is Back gains momentum!

Opportunist uses unity with Zimbabwe land struggle to hustle Africans

audioSolidarity With African Resistance in Philadelphia!

Uhuru Earth Day Fest Draws thousands

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audioEnvironmental Justice Through African Liberation!

Parasitic Capitalism 101, part 2

Parasitic Capitalism 101

Omali Yeshitela speaks on the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president

Uhuru Call to Action

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