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Democratic Rights

Why Is Black Power Scary?

audioWhy Is Black Power Scary?

Host Jevon Gee & Mona examine why black power is so scary to Africans & north americans. Full Story
Found 100 articles.

Call to the INPDUM 2015 Convention - Sept. 26-27 Chicago


In Support of Jefferson City March

audioConnecting The Points

The Burning Spear Is Ours!

Hunger strike exposes the bloody side of Olympic Games

Help save WMXP and Malcolm X Center for Self Determination!

First-time participant in march and political struggle speaks out on Weekend of Resistance!

audioCounterinsurgency and Resistance

Imperialists are the real Kindoki (Witchcraft)

Uhuru Communique

Greenville community holds old school party to save WMXP!

Shared News

Youth in Kenya protest murder of Gaddafi

Shared News

Occupy Harlem! No One Has Suffered More Than Us From Plutocracy

Black is Back Coalition: Defining our own place in the 99%

Death of an African activist

"Occupy Wall Street" is a crisis for the ruling class. Deepen the crisis!

Diop Olugbala For Mayor 2011

videoJoin the Freedom Summer Project!

AAPDEP Milwaukee builds self-reliance in the black community

Uhuru Communique

ALD changes venue in the face of sabotage!

The struggle in South Africa is against imperialist neocolonialism!

Message from Colonel Mu'ummar Qaddafi

Political prisoner Leonard Peltier medical alert!

People’s struggle raising its head in Burkina Faso

Black Is Back Coalition to hold March 26 Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars

Workers in the Bahamas openly challenge government leadership!

videoGang Injunction

Stop DC's war on the black community!

Uhuru Call to Action

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