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Imperialist Attacks

Why Is Black Power Scary?

audioWhy Is Black Power Scary?

Host Jevon Gee & Mona examine why black power is so scary to Africans & north americans. Full Story
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ANWO Calls Out Spring Valley Attack as Colonial Violence

Why are French troops occupying the streets of Bangui?

Chicago's African communities under siege

Victory to Syria! Resist and defeat U.S.-led white imperialism!

The Obamas do Africa

Same old imperialist lies of chemical weapons! Same goal of overthrowing the Assad regime!

White power asserts terroristic authority in Mali

Syria will likely face open military assault

Imperialist war on Syria is a war to shift power balance and dominate the region!

audioThe First Conclusion

Shared News

U.S. imperialism is responsible for more than 350 young Raza burned to death in Honduras

U.S.-led NATO war on Libya is futile Africa recolonization effort

Libyan President Gaddafi murdered by imperialist lynch mob

AAPDEP Milwaukee builds self-reliance in the black community

The struggle in South Africa is against imperialist neocolonialism!

Message from Colonel Mu'ummar Qaddafi

Africans united in defense of Libya! U.S.-led white imperialism out of Africa!

ASI: Defend our Chairman Omali Yeshitela! Defend the best that humanity has produced!

Black Is Back Coalition to hold March 26 Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars

Police in Oakland arrest 200 in protest for Justice for Oscar Grant

APSC statement in support of groups raided by FBI‏

The Mighty Sparrow honored in Toronto

Uhuru Call to Action

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