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Europe and Russian Federation

Congo: The Quiet Before The Storm

Congo: The Quiet Before The Storm

"It is easy to forget that there are Africans in the continent changing Africa for the better; when we are bombarded with images of Africans on fishing boats on their way to Europe escaping Africa." Full Story
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France still robbing and stealing from it's "former" African colonies

Russian group speaks out on Baltimore

Cova da Moura police invasion

Forced out of Libya, African refugees fight back against oppressive white power in Hamburg, Germany

Our culture must be a weapon we use to defeat imperialism!

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Resistance against police brutality in Stockholm, Sweden!

Chairman Omali storms Humboldt University

Oppose the Francophone Summit in Congo!

Africans under attack in Forserum, Sweden

Look for Garvey in the WHIRLWIND!

Hunger strike exposes the bloody side of Olympic Games

Support the African workers' struggle in Guyana! Build the ASI

Join the We are Patrice Lumumba Coalition for Social Justice and Reparations

Imperialists are the real Kindoki (Witchcraft)

videoAfrican Internationalism on the ground in Europe

audioReport on Germany trip

Black is Back in UK

InPDUM London message and invitation to student protestors

Libyan President Gaddafi murdered by imperialist lynch mob

Death of an African activist

African Liberation Day conference in Manchester, England successful

A call to Africans in Europe to seize the time: Participate in African Liberation Day!

African dies in Belgian immigration officials’ brutal custody

Uhuru Call to Action

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