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Chairman Omali set to Keynote Annual Garvey event in Jamaica

Chairman Omali set to Keynote Annual Garvey event in Jamaica

Jamaica radio celebrates Marcus Garvey's birthday; Chairman Omali Yeshitela keynote speaker
Chairman Omali Yeshitela's presence in Jamaica on August 16 will be a testimony to the legacy of Garvey carried out by the African People's Socialist Party as the foundation of a united and liberated Africa and African people worldwide. Full Story
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Former neocolonial dictator of Haiti Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier dead at 63

Rastafarians in Bahamas call for reparations for the enslavement and colonization of African people

Fred Hampton movie inspires young Africans in The Bahamas

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Africans in Brazil hold march against genocide!

Uhuru Communique

Message to the people and government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from the African Socialist International

Chavez slowly recovering

Chavez: Every Venezuelan to have dignified home by 2019 'Whatever it costs'

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Chavez beats the devil, again

Build the revolutionary Party in Bahamas!

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U.S. imperialism is responsible for more than 350 young Raza burned to death in Honduras

Workers in the Bahamas openly challenge government leadership!

Our sisters and brothers in Colombia need our help!

In Brazil: Black is Back!

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Wyclef Jean candidacy an "effort to put a smiley face on military occupation" in Haiti

The lesson of Haiti

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From the Bahamas: Forward to the Black is Back Mobilization!

Chavez Re-elected

Bolivian Oil

Uhuru Call to Action

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