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ANC promotes violence against Africans while the white wealthy in South Africa are protected as they continue to steal

ANC promotes violence against Africans while the white wealthy in South Africa are protected as they continue to steal

The African Socialist International condemns the killing of innocent impoverished African workers just on allegations that they are not from South Africa or they can't speak Zulu properly. Full Story
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Hands off Panzi Hospital in Congo: Stop the violence against African women!

Boko Haram and the explosion of neocolonial rule in Nigeria

True Definition of Freedom: A poem from South Africa

South Africa elections show ANC is losing grip on African masses

Oil and gas discoveries place Tanzania within the crosshairs of parasitic imperialism

Nelson Mandela's legacy in South Africa is neocolonialism

Why are French troops occupying the streets of Bangui?

South Sudan sellout leaders sacrifice our people for personal gain

Mieux Comprendre la guerre au Congo

The real origin of the bloodbath at Nairobi's wealthy shopping mall

Coup denounced! Resistance continues in Egypt despite neocolonial bloodbath!

Education, healthcare and farming in Sierra Leone; Development in our own black hands!

Uhuru Kenyatta wins neocolonial elections in Kenya, despite ICC pressure! British government leads charge to loot Africa!

White power asserts terroristic authority in Mali

ANC repression can't stop workers' fight for a united, liberated, socialist Africa!

Ethopian president Meles Zenawi dead at 57

South African mass shooting: A response to African workers' growing independence

Pangoyi landslide kills at least 60 in DR Congo, caused by white imperialist theft of our resources and control of our land

Get George Bush out of Zambia!

AAPDEP Nursing Institution needs your immediate support!

Sponsor a project - invest in African-led initiatives in Sierra Leone

Defend the Freetown 3!

Parasitic corporations in Sierra Leone and their puppet facilitators must go!

Pay Congolese doctors and nurses decent living wages. No more payments to World Bank and IMF!

AAPDEP-SL gaining momentum after the return of the AAPDEP international delegates

Kony 2012 video: a cover for U.S. imperialist theft of African resources

videoAfrican Internationalism on the ground in Sierra Leone

audioWhy did Lumumba die?

We are Patrice Lumumba! The struggle to reclaim Congo's resources and destiny

Resistance in the Congo continues

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Youth in Kenya protest murder of Gaddafi

U.S.-led NATO war on Libya is futile Africa recolonization effort

$4000 needed to help send AAPDEP reps to Sierra Leone!

A dying neocolonialism

Famine in Somalia caused by imperialism!

The struggle in South Africa is against imperialist neocolonialism!

Message from Colonel Mu'ummar Qaddafi

Africans united in defense of Libya! U.S.-led white imperialism out of Africa!

People’s struggle raising its head in Burkina Faso

The fall of Mubarak leaves U.S. control over the region shaky

Neocolonial crisis in Ivory Coast is a part of imperialism's crisis!

Africans march in Brussels against 50 years of neocolonial rule in Congo

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Mandela Let Us Down

Uhuru Call to Action

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