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Uhuru Radio: Over the Rhine is Palestine! Gentrificationi is Colonial Genocide!

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From Show:
Broadcast: Mar 28, 2012
Length: 120:00 minutes
Access: Public
Download Link: Right-Click or Control-Click Here
To view live go to! In 2000, a young African man named Timothy Thomas was murdered by the Cincinnati Police Department in the Over the Rhine section of Cincinnati. This murder sparked a rebellion in Cincinnati that lasted several days. To stop the people from rising up again, the U.S. government has paid off a number of African petty bourgeois poverty pimps to start up "not for profit" programs in the community. At the same time, the U.S. government has increased its investment in the gentrification of Over the Rhine. The same white people who fled the inner city in the 1960's to escape the Black Power Revolution are now returning to the city to re-impose direct settler colonial rule on our community. This has only been made possible through the direct protection of the Cincinatti police department. Essentially, the police contain the African population in Over the Rhine to protect the white gentrifiers and the property they are stealing from us. This process is commonly known as gentrification. This is the context in which the police murder of Timothy Thomas and the brutalization and kidnapping of countless other Africans in Cincinnati and throughout the U.S. occur. InPDUM Cincinnati branch President Vanessa Sparks will be joined by a number of members of the African community in Over the Rhine to discuss the current situation, and develop resolutions for action. Tune in!
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