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Stop the Wars & Build the Resistance Demo, Black is Back, London event

When: Nov 5, 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Where: American Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Sq, London, W1A 1AE
Contact: Black is Back Coalition (Europe),, 07862294364,


There is expected to be disruption to public transportation on the day, due to other events planned at the American Embassy on the 5th November 2011. Please leave in good time to join us @ 1PM.



The Black is Back Coalition in Europe is calling for a mobilisation against all wars on Africa, African people and all other oppressed peoples everywhere.

The U.S, Britain, France and the rest of imperialism’s rulers are incapable of peaceful existence with oppressed peoples. Their only solution is threats and wars of aggressions against these oppressed communities. 

The Black is Back coalition events are part of our effort to build an international African liberation movement in active opposition to all imperialist wars against Africa, African People and all other oppressed peoples of the world; like in Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen amongst others.


This demonstration would also happen in solidarity with another Black is Back mobilisation taking place in Philadelphia, U.S.

We are in solidarity with the African U.S based resistance against the U.S government’s war on the African population in the U.S, which is being locked up in the millions as part of the U.S ruling class efforts to prop up the dying parasitic U.S economy, with a near free African labour.

Here in the UK, we are opposed to all wars being waged against Africans in Britain and throughout Europe in the form of stop and search, harsh immigration laws, massive imprisonment, massive unemployment & other villainous acts.

We want all Africans in the U.S jails to be freed as much as we want all Africans jailed in Britain, France, Belgium to be free too, especially, all protesters involved in the London August rebellions, to be freed without conditions.


We will be demonstrating in opposition to U.S led NATO aggression of Libya and all the war crimes that are being committed there by David Cameron, Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy and other white imperialist leaders.

We are opposed to thugs’ blood thirsty and racist bigots of the Transitional National Council (TNC); who have engaged in mass murders of Africans because of either their loyalty to Colonel Gaddafi or because of the colour of their skin.


We want to alert the public opinion that Barack Obama, the first U.S African President is responsible for the first Africom assault of an African country, and Obama has expanded the U.S war budget and aggression on poorer countries around the world.


Join us at the U.S embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE at 1.00pm. on 5th November 2011.


Stop the desperate efforts of a mortally wounded parasitic capitalist system built and sustained by the slavery, colonialism and centuries of genocide that provided the primary accumulation of capital upon which the modern imperialist system depends for its survival!

Build the Resistance, Build to Win.


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