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Black is Back International Day of Action

When: Aug 20, 2011 -
Where: International
Contact: Black is Back Coalition

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations recognizes that the essential wars that imperialism has been making has been against African People as well as the rest of the non-white world. Since the day the first slave catcher set foot on African shores more than four centuries ago imperialism has made continuous war against Africa and African People.

Western Imperialism, and especially U.S. Imperialism through proxy wars, is responsible for the millions murdered in Congo,Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Uganda, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. This imperialism is also responsible for the death and destruction of African People throughout the Caribbean and Latin America and in oppressed communities throughout the United States, North America and Europe.

The International Day of Action Against the Wars on Africa and African People is a day to hold up these wars that imperialism has been waging against our People; wars that are ignored by the world at large. Brothers and Sisters, this a day to define what a war is and also what the struggle for peace is all about.This is a day to not only oppose these wars but is also a day to oppose imperialism itself and take another bold step to advance our struggle.

Join the African Liberation Movement in places like St. Petersburg, in London, in New York, in Colombia, in The Bahamas, inTexas, in California, in Venezuela, in Washingrton, DC, and in Philadelphia to show solidarity with the August 20th International Day of Action Against the Wars on Africa and African People!


  1. Organize an action in your area and send information to the Coalition giving details of when, where and the nature of the action;
  2. Raise the legitimate demand of Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad;
  3. Donate money to the organizing efforts of the BIBC;
  4. Host a BIBC representative in your area;
  5. Join the Black is Back Coalition;
  6. Support the resistance to the wars against Africa and African people wherever we may be.

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